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Please wait while connecting (tries them stops)

Using TV 13 android app to connect to my Win 10 laptop with no problems until yesterday. Now when I select my laptop from 'my computers' and try to connect a pop-up window says "please wait while connecting" and almost immediately the pop-up goes away. Click 'connect' icon again, same thing of the pop-up displaying and almost instantly disappearing leaving me in the 'my computers' page. Laptop showing online in TV and it's like the step to connect isn't even getting attempted because it takes me right back to 'my computers' page... Just the brief pop-up is the only indication I even clicked 'connect'... I've never had issues with connecting from these two devices until yesterday. I've made no changes to any settings since initial setup a year ago.

Please help



  • jeffs1
    jeffs1 Posts: 1

    Hi.  I am having the same problem.  For year, it has worked with no issues, now I am getting the "please wait" message.  Is there a solution?




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