A unknown user connected to my pc even though i have a password and my team viewe is set to accept l

How do i check in the logs if he didn't transfered anything to my pc?

It was only for a short time, i was on my pc at the time, file transfer was on, at least based on what i could understand on the logs. I don't remember seeing any file transfer pop up.

According go the logs he had like 30 seconds of access on my computer.


The piece of the log file that has the unknown user up to the final log entry that has it mentioned:


Its this [Removed per Community Guidelinesuser, could be a device name, idk. My team viewer is set to receive only lan connections. Idk how he got to me.

 [Removed per Community Guidelines


I couldn't paste the log on this post since everything would go over the 20,000 characters limit