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User Guidelines

Welcome to the TeamViewer Community, a place where passion meets knowledge, solutions are born and ideas come to life to help people grow together.

In order to guarantee a great experience for everyone, we expect you to follow these guidelines.

  1. Play nice
    Our goal is to have a positive and productive community and we welcome all TeamViewer users to join us so let's all be nice to each other.
  2. Remember your manners
    If you don't agree with the post of another member, that's ok. We don't always have to agree. Just remember to always be courteous and polite.
  3. Play fair!
    Our Community is available all over the planet and open for all TeamViewer users. To give everyone the same chance to benefit from the Community, we would like to have all posts in English only. You can post questions in German, French, SpanishJapanese or Chinese in the respective communities. Please also refrain from sending support requests via private message to other TeamViewer users or staff members.
  4. Patience please
    Please keep in mind that this is a user-driven community. Answers may not be as quick as you want them to be and not all answers from users may be correct. We can't guarantee you a staff reply but we will always work hard to make sure that we correct any incomplete or inaccurate answers.
  5. Sharing is caring
    This community is for both experts who want to share their TeamViewer knowledge, and for beginners who need help. If you can support someone, go for it.
    By supporting other TeamViewer users in the community, you give them the chance to become a TeamViewer expert as well.
  6. Just the facts, please
    Gossip, hearsay, and rumors do not help anyone. If you do not know it to be true, please do not post it. Stick to the relevant facts and express yourself clearly. Always strive to write high-quality contributions that others will read.
  7. Search first
    It's most likely that your question has already been asked and answered by other users. Take a moment to search for this before you post your question to the community.
  8. Keep discussions on topic
    Stay focused on the topic of the thread. If you need to go off on a tangent, simply create a new thread.
  9. TeamViewer only, please
    This is a TeamViewer forum. Please do not discuss third party or competitor products. Please do not post links to or promote third party or competitor software. Please do not advertise to sell any product or service to anyone and check your links before posting them.
  10. Religion and politics
    Topics like religion and politics are for other kinds of online communities, please leave these at the door.
  11. Do not violate laws
    Do not engage in illegal activities or help others to do so.
  12. Your privacy is important to us
    Never post your personal information, including your TeamViewer IDs, passwords, your license information, etc. or ask others to do so.
  13. Keep it clean
    Inappropriate language, SPAM, pornographic, sexual, or racist content is not permitted. Ever.
  14. Don't talk price
    Price discussions are for our sales team. You can contact them at https://www.teamviewer.com/en/support/contact/
  15. Don't try to break TeamViewer
    Please refrain from doing anything that interferes with the normal use of TeamViewer, like manipulating the program, blocking sponsored popups, or helping other people to use TeamViewer in an unintended way.
  16. Respect moderator and community managers' instructions and decisions
    TeamViewer Community moderators use these guidelines to perform their jobs. Content may be edited or deleted, or in the case of severe conduct, users can be banned. If you have questions or you do not agree with their decisions, please write a personal message to our staff.
  17. Thank you!
    We thank you for your participation and passion for TeamViewer! And if someone helped you: Be thankful as well and give them a kudo :-)

    Here you can find the full Terms of Use.