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Android SDK: how to make screen control active in any app state

I successfully have integrated SDK into an android app, I can call from it to PC and get remote controls, that's fine. But if I occasionally click BACK and quit from the app, control will paused. I know I can run the app again and restore session, but

1. I do not want ask people again and again

2. I want to run another app

So, how to turn ON total control of whole android system even if calling app was paused? I mean, which TV option I have to set?



  • I also tried to call 


    from WindowManager  chathead view, but TV needs Activity, which service obviously has not

  • Hi.

    Did you find any soltions for this problem. Or is that the teamviewer SDK ScreenSharing only works on the application that is integrated. And there is no way to control the whole android system with this SDK ?


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