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Hi to everybody! I would like to connect to my PC (Win 8.1) at work from my Laptop (OSX 10.7) at home. Since the upgrade to the 12 version at work, I'm not able to establish the connection because, on my laptop, I have the 11 version and OSX 10.7 is no longer supported by the 12 one. So, I have tried to establish the connection by using the web based client into my personal page on TeamViewer site but, some times ago, I have checked to use always the app and now I'm not able to change this preferences. I have tried also to uninstall the app and clear the cookis and temporary browser files but with no variations. Thanks!


  • Katharina
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    Hi caronte88, 

    Thank you for your post!

    Uninstalling your TeamViewer client and cleaning your browser cache should actually do the trick in this case.

    Once you reinstall TeamViewer 11, you should once again have the choice between using the application or the web client when you connect.

    Could you try this once again and report back if the problem persists?

    Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best, 


  • Thank you for your answer! Unfortunatly, your solution didn't solve my problem.. Moreover, I have notice that I have the same problem if I try to connect from the web page to other computer associated to my account that I never try to connect to they from the same page (so, I never decided for they between the app and the web approach).