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Capture.PNGHi i have a premium teamviewer 12 license . I am trying to create an android host under design and deploy. I am not able to create the host. it asks me to buy license but i already have the premium license.

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    Hi @SSSDigital

    Thanks for your post.

    A customization of the Android Host app is not possible and just the deployment of the Android Host requires a Corporate license. See: Mass deployment for TeamViewer Host for Android

    You can download the regular App via Google Play onto your mobile devices:TeamViewer Host

    I hope this info helps you.

    Best, Esther

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    Hi @SSSDigital

    In addition to what @Esther said, just some clarification.

    The Android host is a bit different to the regular Host app as it is not customisable with your own logos and colour scheme.

    To use the Host with the Premium license, you would need to download the Host app from the play store. Once installed, sign in to the app with your TeamViewer account to assign it to your account.

    Once assigned, it will appear in your computers and contacts list and you can connect to it from here.

    Note: You cannot connect to an android host with its TeamViewer ID and they do not have passwords. They can only be connected to from the contacts list where they are assigned.

    The link you are looking at under design and deploy is for Android Mass Deployment and is only part of the Corporate license. This link skips the "Sign in" part and also allows for Mass Deployment via an MDM

     Hope this clears up your question!


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