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Having done some research into the software, im an curious about the limitations of the commercial and non commercial use of the software. I contacted support about this and they were unhelpful.

As per a sentance in this article:

'Commercial use can apply to non-profit organizations: If you work for a non-profit organization, the use of TeamViewer can be commercial if you or another person in the organization receive a salary from the organization.'

So does this mean that you are or arent able to use the software for free if youre a non profit organisation and no member receives a salary?


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    I'd love to take this opportunity to thank the team viewer support team for thier fast and helpful replies - and helping me get the problem solved as quickly as possible...

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    Hi @olly

    Thanks for your posts and sorry for the delay.

    I recommend calling our sales team to discuss your individual setup.  

    Thanks and all the best, Esther


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