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Quick Support Doesn't Elevate Privileges

We have a user with a computer in another country that needs support. I'm a Domain Admin but the machine won't get Group Policy for some reason. The end user isn't an Administrator so cannot install anything. They can download TeamViewer Quick Support, but if I log in I get their permissions which only confirms what I already know, Group Policy isn't working correctly. Trying to connect as the Domain Administrator it says "please wait while TeamViewer reboots to elevate privileges" but it doesn't, it just closes the Quick Support and re-opens it with the same privileges.

Without Group Policy I can't get past the firewall to RDP into the machine.

Any ideas what I can do next? (without handing out the Domain Admin password, obviously)


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi @AlexFogerty

    This is very strange and not something I have seen before, if you are connecting using Windows Authentication, this is supposed to give the QuickSupport elevated rights.

    We have an article on UAC here

    If the software is not being elevated, we would need to check this with you.
    Can you please Call us or raise a ticket?

    Thank you,

    Senior Moderator
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  • After fiddling with it for two hours I decided just to create a new temporary admin and gave one of the end users the details. They then were able to install the full version of TeamViewer and I was able to log in as the main admin account and do what I had to do.

  • Kiry
    Kiry Posts: 1

    Hi @AlexFogerty  How exactly did you create temporary admin on the remote machine?
    If you could show me step by step, it'd be very much appreciated.


  • Hi Kiry,

    The computer was on a Domain, so I could create a new temporary network administrator login in Active Directory on the Domain Controller and the end user was then able to log in with administrator privileges, install TeamViewer, log out, log in as themselves and give me their TeamViewer number, and I then deleted the temporary network administrator login. I did it this way so I didn't have to give out my network administrator login details as it would affect too many things.

    If your computer is not on a domain then this workaround won't apply.

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