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I am forever trying to help my DM with her computer or iPad or phone. Which is really fun (in a bang your head against a wall, then pull your hair out... kind of way). When she really has no idea of the meaning of certain words (apparently modem router Internet Wi-Fi chrome Firefox google, Search bar, address bar, are interchangeable words)

I can get to my email but not my gmail - how? Through google.

My ______ is not working (fill in the blank from Word list above)... but I can get to cnn. 

Being able to see her windows screen and drive for her when I am in another state and on a Mac is invaluable but now I need to be able to do this on her iPad or iPhone. I downloaded the TeamViewer QuickSupport on my iPad and iPhone.... testing it I can see on my iPhone what I’m sharing from my iPad screen, but how do I DRIVE/CONTROL from my iPhone,  tasks  that need to be done on the iPad? I want to figure this out before I call her and tell her I can do this on her iPad or iPhone. 

Please help,

Daughter_in_motherly_techsupport _hell

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    Hi @ApieJ

    Thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to remote control an iOS device and we cannot say if or when this will ever be possible.

    This is a restriction of the operating system and is our biggest feature request, however unfortunately this is not possible for us to do at the current time.

    We were only able to implement screen sharing in iOS 11 due to the screen recording feature being introduced.

    More information on iOS screen sharing

    Sorry for the disappointment there.


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