Need help toubleshooting FW connection issues (intermittent freezes)


Hi everyone,

can anyone tell me how I can troubleshoot a TW connection which freezes every few seconds for a few seconds, and then works again for another few seonds? On my private home PC, I have this exact problem and don't know what to do about it, since my internet connection in general (100/30 MBit ethernet to the cellar, 1/1GBit fibre from there on) seems to be rock-steady for everything else, including Ultra-HD streaming. 

But when it comes to TW for at least four months now I can't seems to get a decent connection to anywhere. The problem occurs in both directions, so TW sessions from somewhere else to my computer show the same problem as TW session from my computer to other machines. 

Is there any way to find out what is the problem? I'm using TW12 (personal use) at the moment; at work there is the same version running with a commercial license. That work connection only shows these problems when I'm trying to use my home PC from there, not to anywhere else. 

Any help is appreaciated.