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Black Screen - Desktop & Laptop

Hi all,

I have been using TeamViewer for a long time now, and have never had any issues untill recently.

Im currently running the latest version of TeamViewer & the latest version of Windows 10 Pro.

When connecting to either a laptop with the lid closed, or a desktop with the monitor turned off all i see is a black screen & the mouse. This has not always been the case i have romted these devises for months & months with monitor off / lid closed but recently all i get now is the black screen.

This means i know have to leave the monitor on, and the laptop lid open to be able to use them. For me this causes some issues.

The first is privacy, i remote my own personal computers when am away from home, but i live with others and i dont like the idea they could be sat thier watching what im doing on either my desktop or laptop. Thats why i have the lid closed & the monitor turned off, so i can work privately.

The second is, im trying to reduce screen burn. in past leaving my monitors on for hours each day at the lockscreen has eventually caused the image to burn in to the screen.

All this has been happen for the past couple of months but i have only just got around to posting about it. Previously in other years it worked perfectly with the lid closed & the screen off.

I have tried chaning power save settings to do nothing with the lid closed & setting to never turn display off but it makes no differance.

Has anyone else found a similler issue or a way to fix this?



  • Please can anyone help? if not is thier away for me to contact thier offical support?

  • In So join the crowd, friend. Teamviewer does have phone support but you don't find out that it is for only licensed users until you actually call. They refer you to the community. Good luck with that, too.



    Alan Blair
  • Hi, I am also using the window 10 MSI gaming laptop from last 1 year I am also got the same problem when we can update some of the software while we can play a game I get a black screen message for the best I call to MSI Customer Support they immediately call me and also send a technician for the help.