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TeamViewer License Issue

Hi all,

Im having some issues with licensing. Basically i am using TeamViewer for personall use only. But one one of my computers when i start a connection it tells me they suspect im using the software commercially. Then on another computer when i start a connection it tells me i am using it commercially and that my connection will be terminated in 5 minuites, except it ends in like 2 minuites then i have to wait half an hour to reconncent.

So i am only using this for personal usage but im a heavy IT users with many computers. I have a Desktop, this is my main computer and i use this to connect to my other devices. Its this desktop that says they suspect im using commercially.

Then i have a laptop & a tablet. I also have a media server (thats runs on windows 10, not a server os).

Then i also use my works computer on my lunch to connect to my main desktop. I am the Senior IT Tech at my work and the computer i use to remote to my  person computer for personal use is running Windows 7 Enterpirse. This is the computer that says i am using it for commercial use. 

Then finally i have a phone that i sometimes use to connect to my Main Desktop or my laptop.

Is thier any solution to this issue?



  • Same problem here

    I have an iMac, macbook, win pc plus the missus laptop and kids (they're forever needing something!)

    Same messages re commercial use


  • Hello. Teamviewer is installed on my pc and that of my two daughters plus my parents. All are installed with my account and I encounter the same problem as my pc to others. With the other pc no 

  • If TeamViewer is installed on a computer that is or appears to be a member of a Domain, they decide that is a business computer and requires a business license. TeamViewer is not very flexible in their licensing assumptions. They clearly error in their favor. Even if you get the business license, watch out. Every computer happen to be on and use your TeamViewer credentials for whatever reason, that computer will get tagged as ONE of your three installs. This is very confusing, and very frustrating. My business is looking for alternatives with reasonable licensing requirements. They are looking at about three other solutions currently.

  • Hi,

    The free version can only be used in a private environment - for example if you help friends or relatives in your free time and do not receive any money for it. 
    Commercial use is every usage in a business environment. This means, if you use it at work or support customers and colleagues, it will be commercial usage. Therefore, you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. As soon as one of the PCs participating in a session is connected to a commercial network (office/school/etc.) it is considered commercial use. Also, server use is not supported for free TeamViewer service.

    If you feel like you are using it correctly, you will need to submit your inforamtion here and wait for a response from the Product Engineers,


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