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Trusted Device Password

Hi guys,

A little question here, I have a trusted device in my list but I forgot to note the password and when I try to connect he asks me for it, is there any way I can connect to my Trusted Device or do I need the password which is at my screen on my PC @home ?






  • Katharina
    Katharina Posts: 136 [Former Staff]

    Hi GLKR,

    Thank you for your post. 

    In order to connect to a remote computer, you always need the ID and password of the computer in question. 

    As far as the password is concerned, you have two choices: You can either use the random password or a personal password:

    The random password is displayed directly beneath the TeamViewer ID in the main window of your TeamViewer client. For security reasons, the random password changes every time you close the software and start it again.

    The personal password is a permanent password that you can set up under "Extras > Options > Security > Personal password". It will allow you to connect at any given moment, even when there is nobody on the other side to give you the random password.

    Since you mentioned trusted devices in your post, I would also like to point out that your trusted devices are those devices that you have confirmed via a validation link sent to you by email. Adding a device to your trusted devices will allow you to log in to your TeamViewer account from that device. This feature is a security measure designed to protect your TeamViewer account. It has nothing to do with remote control and will not give you any special access rights for the machines that you add to your trusted devices. To connect to them, you would still need their ID and password.

    I hope this is helpful! If you have any further questions, be sure to let me know.

    All the best, 


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