Password for Partner's Computer ?

Hi, I have little problem with connection to nVidia Shield Tablet K1 (Android 7.0) on Windows 10. When I try to connect to tablet , TeamViewer want from me some partner's computer password, but I dont have it and I dont set nowhere. What password TeamViewer wants from me ?

My procedure was, download and install on tablet TeamViewer Host.
On PC download latest plugin TeamViewer and register on web.
On tablet run TeamViewer Host and select Add Device and use email and password which I use when I register on TeamViewer website. TeamViewer Host add device to my list.
Then I click in Comouter & Contacts to folder My Computers and run tablet shortcut and TeamViewer popup window and ask for password.

Can someone help me with this ?




  • So it would seem, that this not working if you have installed on PC another screen remote control programs. In my case was Mobizen. When I delete him, my TeamViewer works now as Host and also QuickSupport too without problem, but have another problem because I can't remote control my tablet, only mirroring works :(
    "This device support screen sharing only" Have someone solution on this ?