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Cannot click on the remote computer home screen

has anyone experienced this?

i log in to remote computer but am unable to click anything on the screen.  the mouse moves around the home page but doesnt highlight any buttons.

i have tried logging in from a diff computer with same result.  macs at both end.

i have had somebody restart the remote computer and this worked twice.  now the restart is not working.  this is really frustrating - TEAM VIEWER PLEASE HELP! 



  • Bill_HBill_H Posts: 11
    You are running version 13 of TV? Try reverting to version 12 on all Macs and turn of auto update. . Many others have the same problem. TV was made aware of this bug weeks ago and still no fix.
  • SoftSpotSoftSpot Posts: 1

    I am using ver 15.6.7 and the remote computer as well.

    It is as if the mouse click was disabled. Please Help.

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