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Teamveiwer 13 won't do anything

I just got a new MSI laptop and when I installed Teamviewer 13 on it, it refuses to do much of anything. I cannot even log in. When I type my email and password and hit the send button, nothing happens. When I try to connect to the remote computer (my desktop), the green dot says ready to connect, then says it is trying to connect, and then goes right back to a green dot and ready to connect.

I know there is no problem with the remote computer or the network because I have two laptops and my older laptop can connect to the remote desktop computer just fine with Teamviewer 13.

So it must be some incompatibility with my new MSI laptop.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • CasyiCasyi Posts: 2
    Same here. Tried all kinds of troubleshooting found on this forum, but nothing works.
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