Recovery code from 2012 not working to gain access again


My normal account is KG6EBJ, this is my Wifes account because after I updated my iPhone to iOS 12 and Google dumped all the authentication tokens I can't log in to this Forum, or for that matter into ANY part of the TeamViewer except what I already am logged into.

So I am going to Rant a bit. If as a company you are going to limit or destroy recovery code tokens after a set amount of time, then you could  at least inform the people using 2FA that they need to UPDATE the Recovery Code, or better yet you could do like every other SANE company and use a 1 time code sent to the E-mail Address on file, I mean you will send a password reset e-mail, what is wrong with sending a 1 time login code?

I have looked over the forums here and I see I AM NOT ALONE, I just seem to be the only one offering solutions instead of just DELETE your Account and start over.