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Business license blues: unattended access failed after license upgrade

I upgraded to business license after discovering that non-profit work was still considered "commercial" in TV's parlance. So, my host computer was upgraded. When I tried to access my remote computer that still had the free version (since it is remote), I couldn't access the remote computer anymore! I got an authentication error. Finally I had to ask a friend who could get to the remote computer to go in the system of the remote computer, and completely un-install TV on it. This entailed giving my friend the system password as well...good thing he's trustworthy.  I also de-activated the remote computer in my settings. Now to get access to my remote computer, I have to ask my friend to manually start-up TeamViewer and give me the password. This **bleep**! I paid for a business license and now can't even get unattended access anymore...until I get my hands on that machine and set things up again from scratch. Two questiions: With a license change does it mean you automatically lose unattended access? How do I get unattended access back without having the remote computer with me to set things up again?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,376 Community Manager

    Hi @Ibbey58_600

    Thanks for your message. I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with your unattended access.

    A license change does not have any influence on your unattended access settings. The error you got must have another cause. Please feel free to directly contact our support team for the investigation.

    For setting up the unattended access, you need to save a personal password on the remote device or activate Easy Access.

    Thanks and best,


    Community Manager
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