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waking a sleeping iMac

I have an iMac running Mojave.   I have noticed that when the system goes to sleep after 10 minutes, it goes offline in TeamViewer console.

I have tried to enabling Wake On Lan under preferences > network > Wake for network access.

I also set up a no-ip account to point to my network using dynamic DNS.

I use an eero for my home router and I set up a port forwarding rule on my eero to redirect traffic on port 6969 to my iMac on port 6969.

In TeamViewer Preferences, I went to General > Wake-on-Lan and clicked the Configure Button.
In there I chose "Public Address" from the dropdown and entered my no-ip address in the address field ( and entered 6969 in the port field.

Now when my mac is asleep, I see the power button next to it in the teamviewer console, but pressing it, doesnt wake my mac.

Whats weird, is that I used to have a Mac Mini (up until last week), and It used to go to sleep and I dont recall having to jump through any of these hoops to make it available in TeamViewer.

Any help woudl be greatly appreciated!


  • I can confirm this issue is also happening on all my macs running Mojave and did not occur prior to Mojave.
  • NilsG
    NilsG Posts: 5

    Hi all ...

    Nearly the same here: High Sierra and now Mojave

    I'm always getting an "WaitForConnectionError"

    My iMac is shown in the network-list of my

    It is also shown in TeamViewer as "online"

    What's going wrong?!?


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