Why i don't like the new interface from teamviewer 13 & 14

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Here's the reason why i keep switching back to the old interface:

with the new interface the contacts list is hidden in a seperate tab so in order to make a connection with a client from my list i have to first press the button / tab to make my contacts visible and then double click the contact (so 1 extra click). However since at our company we also give support using quicksupport tool i also have to make connections by entering the teamviewer ID manually so in order to do that i have to press another tab again (again extra click) to be able to fill in the teamviewer ID. In other words i have to keep switching tabs whenever i either want to connect using contact list or when i want to manually connect using teamviewer id.

In the old interface the contact list and the way to make  a manual connection using teamviewer ID is always visible and i don't have to do extra clicks on tabs to be able to switch between connecting using teamviewer id or directly using contact list.

I would switch to the new interface if this was not a problem.

And the solution can be fairly simple for the new ui. Either make some way to have contacts list always visible or put the manual connection using teamviewer id also on the contacts tab (without it adding the id it to the contacts list) so i don't have to keep making extra clicks to be able to make connections using both systems.

I don't understand how having to make extra clicks is considered a good ui upgrade



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    Nevermind i just saw this, i switched to new interface now

    it's possible nowit's possible now

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    Hi @Joyrider

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It´s of course important to us to understand how our customers are working. And it´s great to hear, that the new connection field in the top bar helps you.

    However - just a quick question: You write that you are using the QuickSupport module: Did you ever tried out the QuickSupport with the service queue? And the SOS button? I think this might be another step in saving a lot of clicks and time.

    Maybe you will find this article interesting: QuickSupport and SOS button

    As a sneak peak:

    "Automatically add users to a group in your Contacts list- If the box is checked, each QuickSupport module user will automatically appear in your Computers & Contacts as soon as the QuickSupport module is started. ​ Select a group to which the service cases created by the QuickSupport module should be added. This will create a session code which will show in the Service Queue​. If unchecked, a TeamViewer ID and Password will be generated for connections."

    Thanks and best, Esther

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