Two Factor Authentication - but multiple mobile devices

My wife and I use TV13 to access each other's computers and attached devices, and I do maintenance on both from one machine. We'd like to add 2FA because - why not - for improved security. But we only use this one account. So that means our 2 instances of the mobile app need to generate the same 2FA key. Is that even possible? If not, what's the alternative?

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  • I was wondering this too... It IS possible.

    I had Google Generator TFA enabled on a Motorola device. I got a new Pixel and wanted to ADD a new authentication device.  

    1. I signed in to the web interface.
    2. I deactivated TFA on web.
    3. I reactivated TFA on web.
    4. When the barcode poped up, I scanned with BOTH devices.
    5. (The same code was being generated on both devices in sync. I did not delete the Motorola Google Authenticator and was concerned that I would have duplicates after scanning the barcode, but Google Authenticator recognized Teamviewer account and did not add another).
    6. I entered the code to Verify TFA.
    7. QED

    I hope that helps.

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    Hi @noahcg,

    That’s an interesting finding. Thanks for sharing with us :)

    Best, Esther

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