Raspberry pi connection problems


To start with, thanks for all the good work - it really looks like a great piece of software.

I'm just having some trouble connecting to my raspberry pi using teamviewer. I downloaded the package, as suggested, installed it so that the program opened up. An ID and Password appeared (everything seemed in order). The bottom left of the screen indicated that there was a secure connection, however when I tried to connect from my Ipad, using the ID and password provided on the main screen I recieve an 'error: Authentication rejected'. I was wondering if you could help out with this.

In addition I was attempting to fill out the feedback form in the application, however it appeared that the keys I was typing didn't correspond with the letters that where coming up in the dialog box. I'm not entirely sure how that could be the case, but I did test it out a few times.

Any help would be much appreciated

Kind Regards



  • 2017/03/15 21:50:20.680 4368 908 G1 CLoginClient::NegotiateVersionClient()
    2017/03/15 21:50:20.736 4368 2324 G1 LoginOutgoing: starting authentication
    2017/03/15 21:50:26.735 4368 908 G1 LoginOutgoing: authentication denied
    2017/03/15 21:50:26.738 4368 5652 G1!! CLogin::AuthenticateClient() Connection to 776426202 denied, because remote TeamViewer is not visible
    2017/03/15 21:50:26.757 6232 7140 S0 CGatewaySession[11]::EndSession(): Session to 776426202 ended. Estimated capacity=3783kBit/s, Latency=68ms
    2017/03/15 21:50:26.758 6232 7140 S0 UDP: create udp connection was not successful: UdpHolePuncher shutting down: (*)
    2017/03/15 21:50:26.759 6232 7140 S0! RemoteSession[11]::AddRequestedCarrier(): request carrier UdpToPartner failed!