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Device Status issues

We have just started using this part of TeamViewer.  We have about 100+ computers attached, so doing things one by one isn't our preferred option. A few things that are annoying and we'd like to see if we can change.

1/  The notifications show up for ALL computers we have the ability to connect to, not just the ones we set monitoring set up on.  Can we turn this off, so only notifications show for machines we actively set monitoring on?  This seems overkill in our situation.

None of the alerts on this screenshot are set by us.


2/  Can these notification types be customised?  We really don't care about whether the computers have firewall activated or not, so we'd rather not show these.

3/  Can we make these notifications fully go away once acknowledged?  It seems it just changes the flag, as per the top entry in the picture.

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