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How to automatically connect an Android device to control remotely Windows 10 PC ?

Hello, I have following problem to solve ...

I have installed TeamViewer on a Windows 10 PC (Asrock) connected to a TV.

Now I want use a Samsung Android tablet on which I have installed TeamViewer to command remotely the Windows 10 PC.

That's working fine giving ID and PASSWORD.

My problem is that for any new connection, I must click on TeamViewer icon and always give ID and PASSWORD.

I have read that is is possible to call Teamviewer.exe at command line level when the connection is started from Windows.

Question: is there a similar solution on Android ? 

OR ... How can connect my tablet to my PC using TeamViewer without giving MANUALLY any ID nor Password.

I'm interesting to have only to click on a specific icon to connect immediately my tablet to the PC.

How can I do ?

Thanks for any help.





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