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Does teamviewer have some bug management control where we can see the technical follow-up given to the bug? Reporting errors in an open forum is a bit frustrating. I have reported some real bugs a few months ago!!! and the only answer I have email after email is "we are working on that", nothing more. Very disappointed.



  • RCT_IT
    RCT_IT Posts: 37

    Hey jgarayua,

    We too are experiencing the same frustration at the moment with TV. We can understand that they are working on a lot of projects at the moment like their newest product TV Pilot but that shouldn't be an excuse to ignore us here on the forums when we are crying out for help.

    No escalation point either except by email.

    What bugs are you experiencing?

    Would one of them be the Grant Easy Access not working after deploying v14.1.3399 Host?



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