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Use Teamviewer with an IPv6 only network

Will your new Datacenter be reachable by IPv6 only Clients too?



  • Akashganga
    Akashganga Posts: 1
    edited March 11

    We are using desktop PC system with internal 4g Modem for providing internet connection.

    We are now provided with 13 digit IOT SIM cards from Jio company, in which we can white list only 4 URL.

    Jio 13 digit IOT card only accepts IPV6 protocol. They do not support IPV4 protocol.

    We wanted to white list teamviewer for online support so we provided * as URL but during the testing with Jio SIM card, we were not able to connect.

    So Jio team has tested the same and they have ask to provide IPV6 address or URL for below mentioned ip's.

    Below is message received from Jio Technical team and ask reply from teamviewer team.

    Below IP’s are getting blocked and need to be resolved in the form of URL.

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