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Teamviewer Host blocks camera access of Skype and Whatsapp


I'm running Teamviewer Host 14.1 on a Samsung SM-G530FZ with Android 5.0.2 and - while it works fantasitc - it seems like video over Skype or Whatsapp from that device to my phone gets blocked.  Whatsapp call can take place but not in video, no matter whether initiated remotely or locally.  When switching to video, Whatsapp breaks with the message that no access to the camera is allowed.  Skype calls from that device can receive video but not send video.  I've checked that permissions are in place in the Android manager.  I've read a couple of posts on the internet but could not google clear information on the subject.

The phone is used by my old mother, who is not really able to control it, and I manage it remotely.  Can I keep Teamviewer Host installed and run video calls, or can you give me some hints to better debug the problem remotely?

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