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Session limit reached when nobody connected

Since just over 30 minutes ago, I have not been able to connect to any computer on my console (I am using a "Premium" licence). I keep getting a "Session limit reached" message, even though we have very few users in our account (less than 10) and NOBODY else has connected in days.

So if I'm not connected, and nobody else is, why do I get the session limit message? A stale session? How do I get rid of that? I even activated a "policy" to enforce session timeout after 30 minutes, which was supposedly applied. No difference. Why does TeamViewer Management Console not provide a way to end sessions? Or, at the very least, list which sessions are supposedly still "active"?

This is serious because it means I am totally locked out from all of my own computers.


  • @randomstudio This issue is occuring for us to, did you ever find a resolution?

  • Same issue. Does anyone monitor these posts?

  • Same issue. Does anyone monitor these posts?

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 467 Senior Moderator

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your posts.

    The TeamViewer community is mainly user-driven - many solutions come from other users such as yourself. While we cannot guarantee a representative will see each post, we do actively monitor the community boards.

    Regarding this issue, there is no way to force another user's TeamViewer session to disconnect, either in the Management Console nor the application.

    if you are on a Windows device, you can see the TeamViewer ID currently associated with the channel in use, under Help -> About TeamViewer - click the Channel Use link.

    You can search the ID in your Computers & Contacts list to see if it is any devices or associated with any specific users.

    In a situation where a channel needs to be force-quit (due to a session that did not release the channel at end of use), please contact our Support teams directly.

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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