My TeamViewer account has been hacked.

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This morning, as I was using my computer as usual, I saw an email, in my mails client, as you get when you want to add a device to the trusted list (you have a link to add that device). I just had the time to see the concerned zone (UZ, which stands for Uzbekistan) and the message suddenly disappeared. At that point, I realized my mail account had been compromised (and the hacker apparently could receive and delete my mails).

A couple of seconds later, my desktop picture went blue and I saw the TeamViewer's remote connection window: someone actually tried to remote control my computer. I clicked the “x” button and immediately quit TeamViewer (which must be open for a connection to be made).

The hacker apparently has changed my password, since I couldn't log in to my account. I have permanently deleted my email account. Now, it remains the hacker “owns” my TeamViewer's session. I phoned to all my contacts to tell them to quit TeamViewer, but I'm worried what the hacker can do with my session in his hands (e.g. collect IP addresses from my computers list?).

Now, here's the main problem: I can't delete my TeamViewer account (since the password has been changed). The TeamViewer support is also poor: there's only one phone number for users having a licence. Without a valid licence, I'm redirected to the website, the one telling only about the phone number. There's also an option to submit a ticket, but it's said only users with a valid licence will be heard.

I don't know whether I'm interested in gaining back control to my account, but I certainly don't want someone making bad things with it. What can I do?