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Teamviewer kills my Wifi connection

I'm having an issue where any attempt to connect via Teamviewer 14 kills the WiFi connection of my Windows 10 laptop.  I can game, stream, etc over it w/o issue ( shows down/up speeds of 10 and 6 MBps), but if I try to connect to a teamviewer session, not only does it fail, it will disrupt my entire WiFi connection.  I've tried optizming it for speed to no avail.  Is there some limitation or minimum bandwidth I need?  At the very least, it'd be nice if Teamviewer wasn't cratering my entire internet connection.


  • hey,

    you can go through the above thread.. this might be helpful to you.

    best regards!!

  • Jannov
    Jannov Posts: 0

    Hi Tranzmatt, it seems like I have the same problem you are facing, and have you found any solutions? I also tried the link from Markronson, but unfortunately it was not working.

    The issue that I am having, whenever I try to connect to another computer, the WiFi in my laptop started to lose its internet connection and disconnects. I tried many things from resetting the setting of my router, updating its WiFi router firmware. I am on the latest Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (64-bit), and Teamviewer 15.15.5 (32-bit)

    Any help please.

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