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Error: You established and aborted connections too frequently?



  • mdavidjohnson
    mdavidjohnson Posts: 8 ✭✭


    I have NOT actually "established and aborted connections too frequently"

    I have not aborted anything. TeamViewer has done all the aborting.

    The "Connect" button is visible, and the green dot and "Ready to connect (secure connection)" shows in the lower tray.

    I click the "Connect" button.

    The button changes to "Abort", and the yellow dot and "Connecting to partner" shows in the lower tray.

    Within less than a second, TeamViewer changes the button and the tray back to the "Connect" state.

    I never aborted anything.

    My "local" machine is Windows 10 Pro, and my "remote" machine is Debian 10 Buster.

    On both machines, TeamViewer is automatically started upon reboot, and both have personal passwords assigned.

    Oh, and did I mention that my "local" machine is on my desk, and my "remote" machine is on the reference table immediately behind me?

    My local machine is connected to my router via wireless, but my remote machine is hardwired to the router via ethernet. Ping works very well, thank you.

    I have rebooted both machines, thus restarting TeamViewer on both. The problem persists. The problem is NOT a "wrong" password - TeamViewer never gives me a chance to enter a password.

    I have been trying out Teamviewer for a few weeks now, but only recently has the inability to get to the password entry box become a problem. It has gotten worse and worse for a couple of days, and is only now today giving me the dreaded "Error: You established and aborted connections too frequently" message.

    I have read this entire thread and have seen that this problem has persisted in the community for two years now.

    Unless this matter somehow gets addressed and properly corrected in the very near future, I'm afraid I will be unable to recomment TeamViewer...

    To anybody...


  • tdenson
    tdenson Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Is there nobody from TV monitoring this forum. I can't believe the lack of a sensible response on this thread after over 2 years. I guess I'm only a small customer spending $1,000 per year but if I don't see some sort of response shortly I will join others from this thread on their way out to another supplier. I can't afford to be using such a critical product from a supplier who shows such total disregard and disrespect for their customers.

  • tdenson
    tdenson Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Just hit this problem again. Trying to help out a friend who was just about to go out. She switched on her computer and I attempted a connection which failed of course. I then hit connect a few times while waiting for the machine to come online and sure enough I got the message saying I had connected too frequently and was barred access. At no point did I even attempt to put in a password. She had to go out so I couldn't help her. What a ridiculous state of affairs. Exactly what is this preventing. I did not brute force the password attempt, I didn't even have one attempt. 4 or 5 attempts to remotely access the machine in a space of a couple of minutes is hardly a DDOS attack. Why on earth won't you do something about ths TV ?

  • Seriously this is your reply? I have 2000+ liceenses and am considering droping this product because of this.

    1: The rate at which I am click is not what a Brute force attack would be doing.

    Okay maybe you can't come up with a better way of dealing with this, but you should eb able to.

    2: The lack of definite time. 

    Just fix it, this is not security nor technical. Fix it you have many requests.

    3: Rethink your security. 

    This is not an industry wide issue. Look at what others are doing. Your customers are asking for better from you.




  • TV,  this is really frustrating , espeically when dealing with remote support + network engeinerring type scenarios.

    Can you guys please,  either:

    1- use a more intelligent system to detect/block bruteforcers - (ie IF you are logged in a paid acct, AND use 2fa, AND are using the same IP you usualy use, THEN relax these BF detection a small amount)

    2- provide the amount of time we need to wait- (make it random if you trying to avoid BFers timing their attacks).

    the current system, for paid users, is unacceptable - (for free users, i get it)


  • tdenson
    tdenson Posts: 15 ✭✭

    You are wasting your time. Nobody in TV support takes any notice of this thread, it is an utter disgrace.

  • angryhobbiest
    angryhobbiest Posts: 2 ✭✭

    teamviewer will never fix the bug they think a highly flawed brute force protection system will never be a problem for legit users because they asume all people have rock solid ethernet-only connections(even on the mobile app which is false 99% of the time) and the servers and clients are on gigabit internet and never peak over 10% cpu usage like their perfect testing setup

    this thread will never be listened to wil us simply asking for a "reset brute force lockout" local button or "disable brute force protection" checkbox

    honestly a reset button is all we ask it can even be required to be locally clicked by the user we are trying to help

    heck most of us want just a time value displayed perhaps with a random lockout each time to prevent scripting but no more than a wait of 3 hours perhaps 0.5-3 hours at random

    although I care little about ddos/brute force protection as a good passowrd should always be enough of a minimum security so I ask for an "unstable connection/machine" checkbox to force loose brute force rules thereby allowing all failed connections that never reach a password prompt to be ignored in the attack counter


  • KulGery
    KulGery Posts: 2

    I'm not understand, how can anyone hack the system, if host not reachable.
    But I need to connect relatively urgent to this host, to solve local issue. Or install urgent update.
    So I try to connect frequently, maybe the host will be available.

    And It's very annoying thet within a minute it tells me I can't join, only after a while.


  • tdenson
    tdenson Posts: 15 ✭✭

    @KulGery wrote:

    I'm not understand, how can anyone hack the system, if host not reachable.
    But I need to connect relatively urgent to this host, to solve local issue. Or install urgent update.
    So I try to connect frequently, maybe the host will be available.

    And It's very annoying thet within a minute it tells me I can't join, only after a while.


    You have to understand that TV support as far as this thread is concerned have their fingers in their ears and are going "La La La". 

    We all agree it is very frustrating and ridiculous, but do they listen ?

  • BlameYou
    BlameYou Posts: 1

    The protection is used to protect TeamViewer's own servers, not users' equipment whatever are licensed or not.  This should be the real official answer.

  • JimAK
    JimAK Posts: 8 ✭✭

    TeamView Support team

    This issue has been open for over 3.5 years. At the very least a software fix should have been provided letting us know how many seconds or minutes have to pass before we can again remotely connect.

    Can you explain why this hasn't been provided yet and who we need to email to get it escalated?

    Thank you


  • tdenson
    tdenson Posts: 15 ✭✭

    The situation hasn't changed but we all seem to be getting tired of complaining. Perhaps this is TV's modus operandum for support. "La La La" until we go away. It's happened twice to me in the last couple of days, clicking connect a number of times because the person I'm trying to help has a lousy internet connection. I never even got to the password prompt. So I say "I'll call you back but I don't know when" - just how professional does that sound ?

  • Ramrunner
    Ramrunner Posts: 1
    edited May 17

    Yep - I'm a reseller and this kind of **bleep**(and other stupid things like not allowing more than one 3 device license on the same account, and simply stupid pricing) is why I don't sell it unless a customer specifically asks.

    Teamviewer has never understood it's customers and never will. They have an awesome product that should be making them billions but **bleep** too many people off.

    I say just don't use it.

  • pocwiard
    pocwiard Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I am using TeamViewer for professional support to the customers. Often they have intermittent internet connection. I have to click many times to connect and often get disconnected.

    The nonsense message "you established connection too frequently" when working with intermittent connection is such a pain and really limits the use of TeamViewer for me. One of the worst things you could do, to stop your customers from being able to connect.

    Such a design flaw.

  • JonnyGators
    JonnyGators Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited June 10

    This "feature" put me into a difficult situation where I had an end user on the phone I couldn't help due to you blocking my attempts to connect. The frequent aborted connections? Your **bleep** service failing to connect in the first place. Then I finally get in, get back to helping - another drop - and you block me.

    Absolutely unacceptable for your "features" to block me from doing my job!

    Security efforts like these only impair the legit end users - you make things so secure, only a hacker can actually do anything!

  • Corona312
    Corona312 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited June 29

    We are having this issue as well "you established and aborted connections too frequently. Please wait for a while before the next connection.

    What is the amount of time to be able to reconnect?

    Like others requested please use a different approach to blocking connections such as CAPTCHA, we are a new paid customer and already having this issue.

    We never had this issue with "Third Party Product", but can see us having this issue more frequently with more use.

  • joefox97
    joefox97 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 19

    Going to ring in and agree with everyone else. TeamViewer's defensive posture about this poorly designed and implemented feature is inexcusable. You wrote **bleep** poor software; that's fine -- just go back and do a better job and implement the feature a different way. The current solution is embarrassingly bad -- and sufficient to cause us to go find alternative solutions if you refuse to change it.

  • didikunz
    didikunz Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited August 4


    This tread is 4 (in words FOUR) years old and the problem persistes. Is anybody at TeamViewer interested in keeping their customers? Can we get rid of that **bleep**? Or at least get an option to disable that for a given account? It is a EXTREMLY ANOYING THING. If security keeps you from supporting your clients it is a bad thing, that destroys the reputation of TeamViewer and of the one trying to give support to a client (me).

    Does anybody care? Interessiert das bei Euch jemand?

  • AlenaC
    AlenaC Posts: 630 Moderator

    Thank you all for your posts,

    please keep in mind that as @Jeremy explained on the first page this is a security measure.

    If you have an idea to change it or feature request, I would recommend putting it on our ideas hub. As soon as any of you publish it, others will be able to upvote it. Our developers check this section regularly looking for the most voted.

    Thanks in advance

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator

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