ipad not connecting to MacBook

drewbgil Posts: 1
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Hi, this seems like a simple issue, and I have searched the forums but I simply can't connect my ipad to any device using Teamviewer 12.  

Symptom : I start teamviewer on ipad and type in the device ID of the Macbook.  When I hit the button "Remote Control" nothing happens. 

The network I am on is a LAN that doesn't have internet access.  I have set all ip address in the same range as well as the subnet masks for both devices.  

I have set the my macbook to exclusively accept LAN.  

I can connect to the macbook through a windows device and my iphone on the same network, but not the ipad.

When I connect the ipad to a network with internet access, the box around "Remote Control" gets brighter and now is able to be pressed.  Screen turns black and says "Connecting Partner..."  Of course this is not helpful because my macbook is not on that network.  

Having internet access on the network I want is not an option.

Any thoughts?