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Close/Shutdown Teamviewer itself via cmd/batch

There are various ways to start teamviewer. I use it for personal use. I'm currently trying to create a script that shutsdown/closes selected programs for a "gaming mode." When I'm home, I don't need teamviewer running. Lately I've just right clicked the icon by the clock and select exit. I'm trying to streamline closing multiple programs with one script. However, trying to force close the three services appear to just return. I have teamviewer set to auto start with my computer. The "Disable teamviewer shutdown" is unchecked.


  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    Which 3 services are you shutting down (if you can name them specifically for me it might help) and is your computer 32 bit or 64 bit?


    Mike Crabill
  • LigerXT5
    LigerXT5 Posts: 2

    64bit Windows 10 pro, recently updated to Creators Update.

    I'm at work currently, however I am not seeing the same services. I will update this post, or reply, when I am home to take a look.

    As far as I can recall, it's TeamViewer 12, Teamviewer Service, and the third I don't recall.

  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    Hello LigerXT5,

    Did you ever get more information about the install in question?


    Mike Crabill