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Update Version?

I currently run version 7 (XP, as our software only runs on XP for now) on all our machines across the country. I know if the machine has been updated to version 14, I can't log on remotley on my computer using verison 7. What happens with the reverse. If I update my version to v14, and leave all our machines with version 7, can I log on via version 14 to machines running version 7?, or do I have to update all machines to version 14.


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  • Comstall
    Comstall Posts: 2

    Thanks Yuri, appreciate your prompt reply.

    I know XP is no longer supported, however I don't need it to be as I only need it to run my software, without updates. I am working on new software that will run on newer versions of Windows :)



  • Hi everyone, 

    I have used TeamViewer for a long time but I just had a problem with connecting in different versions. I could not connect from version 14 (ubuntu 18) to 12 (ubuntu 16). I am not a super user in the old version computer, so I am wondering how could I connect to it?

    Thanks in advance,


  • efect2000
    efect2000 Posts: 5

    "I apologize for any inconvenience caused." ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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