Teamviewer login page linux is not clickable,

dasusy Posts: 1

I have just installed  Teamviewer on a Ubuntu image. Created a account, and now the account assign feature is completely broken.

In options the assign button doesn't become clickable. and the login page is completely frozen.

Can someone  please help?

Thar would be great,

Thx :)


  • UncleScrooge
    UncleScrooge Posts: 1

    I have the same problem.

    Linux kernel 4.19.23 in Bionicpup64 8.0 distro [debian-->ubuntu-->puppy linux)

    Teamviewer package:

    I can see that teamviewer client is not listening to either 5938 nor 443 and not even 80 TCP ports, but it's listening to 6339 instead (netstat -ltnp).

    On the other hand I see packets from the teamviewer server arriving at  5938 and 443..

    Is there any configuration of the client for such ports?