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When using TeamViewer to access my MacBook Pro via my iPhone 6+, I am able to select text on the MacBook Pro by double tapping and then sliding my finger across the text. The selection, however, disappears just as soon as I lift my finger, so I am unable to take any action (e.g. copy) on the selected text. Does anyone have a solution?

More information: The problem also occurs when accessing my MacBook Pro from another Mac. "Select All" will work, but not a partial selection of text. Also, it only happens with Pages. Selecting text via TeamViewer works fine with TextEdit and Chrome.  

It doesn't occur, however, when using GoToMyPC, via which Pages text can be selected just fine. So there is something about the interaction between TeamViewer and Pages that breaks text selection. My guess is that this is a TeamViewer bug that anyone trying it would experience. I would appreciate input from other Community members.