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CPU usage and Overheating with TeamViewer

Yesterday while my PC was not being used I heard my fan pick up speed - it was trying desperately to cool down my machine.  I checked two programs for my core temperature (photo below) and the machine was critically hot - double the recommended operating temperatures. CPU use was at 100%, most of the usage was from TeamViewer.  I shut down TeamViewer and the CPU usage immediately reduced to 10%, and the temperatures returned to a normal range.  

Under normal working conditions TeamViewer can consume ~50% of my CPU.

The configuration/hardware are all out of the box Lenovo  ThinkCentre M910s, Intel i7-7700. This PC comes with a single fan - no upgrade is available through Lenovo for a 2nd fan

This is shame, the product works great otherwise. I'm now afraid to run TeamViewer and may have to find a replacement.  Has anyone else encountered this issue? Suggestions? 

Thanks in advance for your feedback.core temp.JPG


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