Teamviewer is running an old version which is out of date / no connection anymore !!



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    @Yuri_T wrote:

    Hi @wroshon ,

    Thank you for your post.

    If you have a perpetual license for an older version, please make sure that you are using your license for these connections and if you still have problems, please contact our support team.

    All the best,


    It would be much more helpful to have said, make sure you have activated the backlevel client you are using with your TeamViewer license and it is not reporting the Free Version.

    A lot of confusion, frustration and anger could have been avoided with a clear error message rather than "Unknown" and  a message saying "You must be running the latest revision of TeamViewer to connect" with a link that lead to a page explained the situation fully. It would have also been helpful if the notifications that you are connecting to an older version said, "Please upgrade, the target because connections to older versions will no longer be supported as of -x- date". The former would have avoided confusion when you turned off access. The latter would have prevented a lot of users from getting here.

    Users need a good reason to upgrade the software on the remote host. As the saying goes, "If it works, leave it alone"

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    Please @JeanK , tell us the official answer, because your answer adds a bit of noise to this thread:

    Is it a bug or intentional that two computers with TeamViewer 12 Free can't connect?

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    Hello @Djago

    Thank you for your message.

    TeamViewer's official statement is to find in the following article: Enjoy using the best version of TeamViewer we made so far! - How to proceed?

    • We are asking our free users with older versions of TeamViewer to update to the latest version of TeamViewer, in order to continue using the software. The latest version is currently TeamViewer 14.

    I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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    Hi @JeanK 

    Perfectly clear. This solution is not suitable in many environments like the one I have in many companies (I do remote support for a living). Like others have stated, mixing free version for personal use of my clients and paid version for support (that's me) is not an option. So after many many years of using TeamViewer (I think I started with TeamViewer 3) I sadly have to switch to another program, at least for the free connection of my customers.

    I've paid for the 3 simultaneous connection so I won't stop using it for my work because it was a very hard decision and a very expensive one and it works ok.

    But as most people here are saying, I'm not going to buy another TeamViewer product, nor I will recommend it to anyone because you changed the rules after I bought the product. It is your product and you are completely free to do whatever you want with it, but for me, it's obvious that you no longer care for what your clients want or needs (and I mean free and paid users because you are messing with both).

  • Hi Djago:

    I completly agree with your comments.  I have now abandoned Team Viewer and switched to "**Third Party Product**", which works very well like Team Viewer used to work before they messed it up.  I am in the process of updating all my friends and relatives to **Third Party Product**.  Of course, I will not be using or recommending TeamViewer to anybody from now on.

    This whole fiasco is an example of poor management decisions.


  • From my new post, I see that this forum has censored the name of the competitive product, to which I just switched.  The name is embedded and reversed herein.  **Third party product** The act of censoring discussion forums indicates, to me, a high level of paranoia from a company that is unwilling to admit their mistakes.  I think the expression is "Get Woke, Go Broke"  Garry.

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    Hi @Djago , your comment is 100% like my situation, your thoughts too, i agree 100%, i think Teamviewer have just shoot in the foot.

    Also is outrageous the way that they have censored @GarryAnderson comment too, i have never seen something like that.

    Hey @JeanK , just let you know that i am Looking for free alternatives for my customers and never buying a TV product again. Maybe you can Forward this to the GENIUS that have the idea of this change in your commercial policy.


  • Both of my mac and remote windows 10 computer install the version 14, however it still says out of date when I use my Mac to control the windows 10. I tried several times, evern uninstall several times, it still doesn't work, please advise. 

  • Yes, they have made a mistake and now have a problem with many users, but they won't admit their mistakes.  What I have done is to abandon TV and I am using an alternative application that is just as good.  Reversed name is **Third party product**

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    Hi @GarryAnderson 

    You won't see any third party name here. Post are audited. And they think we are all so stupid that we can't use a browser to search any of the "third party products" available. More reasons to go out and find a place where we can be free. There are several open source, free, freemium products out there.

    Sadly, TeamViewer is the easiest to use so I will miss it (again, for the free users, I'll still use my paid product).

    [Removed per Community Guidelines - Sales/Solicitation policy]

    I remember when cloud storage space was taking off that the companies started to offer free services and then, when they had a large userbase of free and paid users, either: went bankrupt, or removed the free tier.

    Once they have the income needed (large user base, mainly corporate), removing the free users that consume resources (and money) without generating revenue is a natural step for a company.

    TeamViewer has amassed a tremendously big free user base. They are starting to shake them off. There's nothing wrong with it. But they are also hurting paid users, and THAT is my problem.

  • I need the alternative one ASAP.

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    Ksedyna reverse this and google it, good luck.
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    Updating to the latest version on both sides does not fix this issue. I have a mac and when i try to connect any windows computer I get the error that says please update the remote computer to the latest version of team viewer. I then reinstall stop the services restart the services like advised and restart. Doesnt matter the error comes back every single time. I'm actually giving up on Team Viewer at this point because its no longer easy to use or user friendly. If you guys come up with an actual working solution let me know but for now its **Third Party Product** for me and my customers.

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    Thanks MacTen !

    After having downloaded all portable versions from 13 to 5 to try to connect to my remote pc in Madagascar, all unsuccessfully (???), I succeeded to apply an automatic update strategy... hope it will work within the 7 next days...

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    What strategy was that. please explain @BenHub 

  • Fellow users:  We now know that some human at Team Viewer is reading these posts, because now their paranoia is raised to a whole new level.  They are even censoring my reversed name post, so the fix is being done manually, with intent, and not by some "bot".  [removed per Community Guidelines - Sales Solicitation policy] Good luck.  Let me know what you think.

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    I have a slightly older version mac that won't update and I have version 12 on both computers.  Still saying out of date... It won't let me use it at all?

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    Thank you, this was helpful. What would you recommend i use in place of team viewer?
  • The Moderator at Team Viewer is preventing me from recommending the alternative that I have chosen, because such action is against their policy, and is considered to be detremental to their business by recommending an altertive.  So much for free speech on a discussion platform.  In my opinion TV knows the have made a mistake by creating this problem, and thus is losing business.  I think that is why they are trying to block any competition.  I found a good alternative by searching Yahoo for Team Viewer alternatives and worked through the 10 alternatives from #1 to #10.  The alternaives were presented in a good order, and I stopped searching early in the list.  So, you can search for your own alternative in a similar manner.

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    But how do you achieve this when you can't connect to the remote viewer because it has old version.  I might as well read Catch 22.

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    Re-read the post by @MacTen 01 may 2019, 2nd paragraph.

    I had attached the devices that are running an old teamviewer version to my teamviewer account, so I could apply the strategy "automatic update" to my remote pc, and on the screen it seems to be effective.

    When will the remote update happen, that remains a mystery??? I read somewhere "within 7 days" or something like that... wait and see, for the moment I have no better solution, and the TV team doesn't seem to wish to help.

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    I cant use remote in ANY pc.

    Error out of date but is updated. 14.4.2669 in both pc but cant connect.

  • I have the latest version of Teamviewer for my OS (Mac OSX Teamvierer 14 and Windows XP, TeamViewer 14) and I still get ths ame error (Unknown Error) Help!

  • Hi Broward:

    The help that I can give you is to suggest that you follow what I have done.  I have now abandoned Team Viewer completely, and switched to another desktop viewer that works just as well as Team Viewer used to work, before somebody messed with it.

    Any attempt by me or anybody to assist you any further with locating the top 10 alternatives to Team Viewer will be censored and blocked by the moderator of this forum.  Sorry, you are on your own from here.

    Garry Anderson.

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    Man,  yesterday I turned on teamviewer on a computer I knew i wouldn't have physical access to for a week.

    No message to upgrade or notice that their policy has changed.

    Now I can't access the content of my computer... the least they could do is allow a connection for the sole purpose of updating...

    It wouldn't be such a problem if they had the foresight implement this in a way where people would be informed and/or not lose access to anything...

    Will definitely be looking for an alternative since I obviously can't trust Teamviewer to implement things in a way that doesn't majorly disrupt my activities.

  • It is not possible to connect to a computer with my own version of Teamviewer, the reason is not known if you connect without a key. There is no connection on the free version.

  • What do i do if i am licensed for version 9 unlimited clients? On all of my hosts is V9 and for my remotes and once in a while i have to connect using a machine that has a different version on it to connect to one of my licensed systems using the number and preset password..Any version higher than 9 wont let me connect using the licensed login feature? so ho do i connect and from time to time i need a vender to login to one of my systems using the number and password and that wont work either even though the same version is on both systems?