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api/v1/meetings gives Error 500

When trying to use the api call api/v1/meetings I get error 500 if I use ping or if I add
a scheduled meeting Id at the end it works fine.

What can be wrong is it the api or should I do this another way?


  • Hi FredrikN,

    Did the problem resolve itself?

    I'm getting the http 500 error today with the POST /api/v1/users (create user) but not with the GET /api/v1/users ...

    Did not get the error yesterday.

    http error 500: Internal Server Error: Some (unexpected) error on the server. The same request should work if the server works as intended.

  • FredrikNFredrikN Posts: 9

    No it didn't the case is it's sent to Teamviewer developers to investigate.

    I haven't tried create user but I will probably soon, will respond to this post when I do and what the result is.

  • AlenaCAlenaC Posts: 359

    Hi @FredrikN , @BjarkePetersen ,

    as @FredrikN already suggested, if you have a license, could you please send us a ticket?

    Thank you in advance,
    Regards, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator [on leave]
  • Hi @AlenaC ,

    We do have a license - I raised a ticket with support yesterday.

    Haven't heard anything yet (except for the ticket created confirmation email)


  • Hi @FredrikN ,

    In my case I got the HTTP 500 error when attempting to create a user because:

    "The email address is already in use"

    Would have expected a 422....

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