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How to connect to machine running older macOS


I am a personal version user.  My wife has a machine that cannot run a newer version of macOS due to an application dependency, plus the machine is older and cannot run later versions.  (The application was very expensive and works just fine and she hasn't the funds to upgrade it).  Today I tried to connect to fix a certificate problem for that machine and Teamviewer told me to do a remote update.  This failed because the OS version on the computer is too old for the latest Teamviewer (14.x).

Do I have to find another remote solution for this one machine that I connect to maybe once every 60 days?  It strikes me as really stupid that my current teamviewer is being locked out from connecting to this machine simply because it is on an older OS and cannot even install the latest Teamviewer.

How does this get rectified?  I know that I am not paying for the use of the software.  I get that, but it has worked for years, and I don't need it enough to warrant its business license cost.

We do pay for Teamviewer at my place of business and I approve those purchases.  I will be disinclined to do so in the future because of this foolishness.  Please provide a workable solution that is simple to implement.

Thank you



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 6,584 Community Manager 🌍

    Hello @Ross_Chevalier,

    Thank you for your message.

    Unfortunately, for our free users, we do not have any workaround for this issue.

    You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: Enjoy using the best version of TeamViewer we made so far! - How to proceed?

    Paying customers can remain using their purchased version.

    I thank you for your understanding.



    Community Manager

  • Thank for the prompt response.  Sadly it does not help me and I will have to find an alternative.  I realize that my personal experience is irrelevant to you, but I find the decision to leave users who cannot afford to keep replacing machines, OSes and applications very disappointing.

    I did view the link.  It makes no mention of limits based around OS version and it should be updates to reflect these limits as users will believe that they are in good stead when in fact they are not.  

    I think that you have made a business error, but understand that my perspective does not matter.

  • H2D
    H2D Posts: 1

    Same issue here.

    I have old mac with tons of old apps and software. What should I do? Everything was working fine until recently. Now TeaViewer limits sessions to 5 mins and asks to update, which my mac simply can not do.

    TeamViewer 9 is the very max for the system, so what should I do??? I can't update Teamviewer up to 14 and even when I do "check for updates" Team viewer gets back to me saying that the current version is the latest possible for the system.

  • Hi @Ross_Chevalier ,

    Did you find any solution for this?

    I'm having the same problem as I'm trying to revive some old computers mac pro, which cant be upgraded past mac OS mavericks... Therefore can't run teamviwer past version 12.

    Joao Monteiro

  • Hi Joao

    I ended up using a freeware app called **Third Party Product**.  It got the job done.  Not as rich as TeamViewer but did not lock me out of older machines.


  • Hmm that's really unfortunate, i have the same issue and will have to move to a third party app as well...

  • ghabre
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    edited August 2021

    Hi, I just tried the following and it worked on my Macbook pro (mid 2009),

    I deployed version 13, because I read on the team viewer site that was the version supported by my Mac.

    I wasn't able to connect, it always needed to update to latest version first.

    I updated to the latest version (15), which was not supposed to be supported (I had tried to deploy it initially on the mac and that didn't work, but updating from 13 to 15 worked)

    And now I can access the mac from my windows machine running the latest team viewer version.