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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.


 What you need to know:

  • We want our users to have the best experience with TeamViewer, with our latest and greatest products.
  • We are asking our free users as well as the users trialing the software with older versions of TeamViewer to update to the latest version of TeamViewer in order to continue using the software. 
  • After the update, all private users of the free version will still be able to use TeamViewer as usual. There is no change related to personal use with updating to the latest version of TeamViewer.
  • Paying customers are encouraged to update to the latest version but can remain using their purchased version along the lines of the product lifecycle policy
  • Updating just takes a moment and runs mostly automatic.


How to proceed?

1. Update TeamViewer on the remote computer. Learn how to here.

  • Within a remote control session click Remote Update directly:Toolbar Englisch.png


  • Or choose Actions --> Remote Update:Toolbar Aktionen Englisch.png


 2. Update TeamViewer on my own device. Learn how to here.

  • If a new version of TeamViewer is available, there will be an arrow icon on the main window of TeamViewer at the right-hand side of the menu barPfeil.png  

Note: In case this notification icon has been deactivated within the TeamViewer settings, you can simply click on Help --> Check for new version


Learn more about How to enable auto update for TeamViewer 

  • Open the TeamViewer full version
  • Click Extras --> Options.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Choose which updates you would like to install under Install new versions automatically.


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