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Typing Greek in Viber on a remote PC


I'm not sure if this is Viber's problem or TeamViewer's problem. I have installed Viber at my mobile phone (Android) and also at my PC at home. When at work I sometimes connect to my home computer to check my e-mail and other stuff and also I use Viber from the home PC. I noticed that when typing a message in Greek in Viber, it displays the first accented Greek character correctly, but every other accented Greek character is replaced by the first accented character I have typed. For example, if the first accented character in a message is "epsilon with tonos" (έ), then every other accented characted changes to "epsilon with tonos" (έ), regardless of which vowel I try to accent. This issue doesn't appear when using Viber at my home PC locally or on my mobile phone (Android), only when using Viber remotely by TeamViewer. Probably some key codes are not transferred correctly through TeamViewer. A workaround is to type the message in another application (such as Notepad) and then copy-paste into Viber or just type Greek without accents. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem when using Viber or other application remotely? Please tell my how can I solve this. Is there any settings in TeamViewer I could adjust (I have enabled to pass key combinations such as WIN+E, ALT+TAB etc) Both PCs (at work and at home) run Windows 10 and of course I have already upgraded to the latest version of Viber.

Thank you in advance