TeamViewer host installed from MSI showing as free?

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We are currently in the process of moving from Netop Host to TeamViewer Host on all our computers.

I've noticed that when installing Host from the MSI, it show as free? Is this normal behavior for the host? We do have a corporate license .

TeamViewer HostTeamViewer Host









I've basicly just followed the guide on to do a customized deployment with company logo. Configured the settings we wanted and the exporting them into a registry file and using it under the installation. This all works as it should.

Found a link through the search function:,location&include_tkbs=true&location=tkb-board:Knowledgebase&q=license%20free&search_type=thread 

but that only seems to apply to the Full client?

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    This is bad, it should not be so
    But I think the developers will soon fix this problem.

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