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iOS can't connect to TV13, but can to QS.

I have a PC running TV-13 at startup with a very confusing connection behaviour.

Issue that is occuring
Other Computers (Windows and Linux) CAN connect to it's TV-13 session.
Android devices CAN connect to it's TV-13 session.
iOS devices CANNOT connect to it's TV-13 session. (Stuck on "Connecting")
iOS devices CAN connect to a QUICK-SUPPORT session, IF the TV-13 session is fully closed (and all background processes killed via Task Manager).
IF QS is started WITH TV-13 background processes/services running, the iOS device will be stuck on "Connecting"

History of Remote PC
The remote PC has been wiped / reformatted, Windows 10 reinstalled, at least twice.
The remote PC has been connected to diffrent ISP's, and from behind diffrent Routers/Firewalls/Gateways.
The remote PC has had TV-10, 11, and 12, installed on it, to test if any would allow the iOS device to connect. They did NOT.
Android, Mac, and Windows based devices CAN connect to TV-13 without issue, and have always been able to do so, even when connected to the same WiFi as the troublesom iOS device.

History of iOS device (iPhone, iOS 12)
It has had TeamViewer uninstalled from it, and reinstalled. Did not fix.
It has been factory reset, and then TV installed. Did not fix.
Issue occurs reguardless if connection is made on diffrent WiFi networks.
Issue occurs reguardless if connection is made via 3G, 4G, or LTE.
Device can ONLY connecto the remote PC, if remote PC is running QuickSupport, with ALL background processes / services of Full TV terminated.

Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this to occur? Everything connects and works fine to normal teamviewer except iOS devices. iOS devices always get stuck on "connecting" when attemping to connect to a full install of teamviewer on the remote PC, but have no issue connecting to a TeamViewer QuickSupport session on that remote PC, if that QS session was started after TeamViewer was fully terminated on the remtoe PC.

Thanks in advance.

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