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Webcam does not work with TeamViewer (but works under Windows)

The webcam of my HP Elitebook 8740p works under Windows 10 (camera-app, Skype etc.) but gives no image with TeamViewer. It mentioned "HP HD Webcam (fixed) but also the error message  "no camera data available" and shows no image? The latest driver installed but no improvement

Anyone recognises this problem?

Thanks (Ed)

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  • nomad247nomad247 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Same issue with me but what Ih ave found, the towerr does on fact have video working, I just cannot see it on my laptop.


    Tower custom built                                                    Laptop HP Pavillion MC200UA#ABA

    OS is 10 Creator                                                          OS is 10 Creator

    comodo virus protection                                            comodo virus protection

    4.1 AMD CPU, 8 gigs ram                                .          1.8 AMD CPU, 4 gigs ram

    since I turned on actual monitor fo tower, I do now see video but from teamviewer, via laptop, no video from tower is displayed, so in fact it is the laptop with the issue, and not my tower or webcam there, The mic comes throgh but not the video 





    Janelle Wolves
  • nomad247nomad247 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    NOt me t least not util I find out why this is.Creator issues on HP, not the tower, Not TeamviewerCreator issues on HP, not the tower, Not Teamviewer

    Janelle Wolves
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