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license moves

When upgrading from version 11 to 12 are the license moves reset or do I need to repurchase a new license to have the full amount of license moves?

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  • Hi, 

    I have three devices listed using my account, but i cant remove any device anymore.

    I recived the message "No license to transfer".

    How to solved this problem?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,835 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @NTinfo

    I created a new topic for your question as I am sure, that your issue is independent from the overview about your different logins with your account.

    To answer your question: 

    The Business license always comes with 10 licence moves that will allow you to transfer the licence to a new TeamViewer ID if you obtained a new ID on your device or if you switch computers.

    It sounds like you were already using all your licence moves -- but no worries: this is what they are for.

    If you used up the licence moves within a reasonable timespan, the Customer Support team will be able to reset them for you, no questions asked. You are welcome to give our Customer Support team a call or send them a ticket via 

    All the best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Ok Thanks,

    I solved the problem calling in help desk.


  • Hello there, I also have business license (v11) and I just want to know how you define "reasonable timespan" for moves. I have 5 moves left and of course, not planning to use them right away, but just to clarify that I could get them more if situation arises.

    Thanks, Toni

  • mrKabo
    mrKabo Posts: 1

    wow .. wish i knew this before buying a licence. 

    I own multiple devices, 3 desktop 1 laptop and an ipad. so I ran out of moves in a few weeks since im always on a diffrent location. 

    guess its time to search for an alternative. such a wierd bussiness model. 


  • Hi there,

    I also had this problem. 

    Remaining moves: 0 
    So I am waiting for the license expire and register the new one.
    The license renewal in Oct but the remaining move is still 0. 
    I only need to change a laptop and now can't change any more. 
    I called to support but they told me that waiting, and I waiting until now.
    Please help to check




  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,075 Moderator

    Hi @Jennifer110,

    Thank you for your post.

    Since you have contacted TeamViewer Support Team for license moves reset, kindly wait for the reply from our support specialist please.

    MeanWhile, kindly try to sign in to your TeamViewer Management Console to check for your remaining moves and log in your TeamViewer licensed account on TeamViewer client for licensed uses please.

    Hope it could help, and feel free to contact us if we may assist further with.




    Community Moderator/中文社区管理员
  • Dear Ying_Q,

    Thanks for your great support. 

    it is reset already :)))


    Best regards,


  • Please help me. I didn't knew about license transfer limit or restrictions. For work I often travel, and used different computers for remote connections, every time I deactivate old computer and activate new. But anyone dont warns me that it llimited with 10 transfer. Plase I need your quick help. Reset my activated devices, I know now this limitations. I need this remote connections. i have not any of this devices that in my registered devices. please help me

  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,075 Moderator

    Hi @elnurjfarov,

    Thank you for your posting.

    Feel free to check out the remaining moves of your Business license on TeamViewer Management Console please. The path is shown as below:
    TeamViewer Management Console -> Edit profile -> License tab (on the right hand side) -> remaining moves
    Please noted that use only the licensed account when login to TeamViewer Management Console.

    Under the same view of pop up window, you are able to check for the current licensed devices at the same time.

    If your remaining moves of license activation run out, kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for moves reset and confirmation please. Please noted that the moves can only be reset ONCE for every 12 months. 

    If you are interested in upgrade your TeamViewer license to unlimited movements and activations, feel free to contact TeamViewer Sales Team for further discussion.

    Hope the information above will be helpful.




    Community Moderator/中文社区管理员
  • Hello,

    can you please reset my license move number?

  • ddelgado
    ddelgado Posts: 1 Newbie


    I have the same problem, what can I do to reset my license moves?


  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,254 Moderator
    edited January 6

    Hi @ddelgado,

    Thank you for your post.

    We are not able to assist you with such a case in the community.

    If your remaining moves of license activation run out, please kindly contact our TeamViewer Support Team for moves reset and confirmation.

    Best regards,


    Community Moderator/ コミュニティモデレーター
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