Multiple Login Accounts - For multiple clients


Hello, my question is this?

If for example we purchased the Premium License and got the 50 users with 1 channel, does that mean we could create 50 differnet user accounts, and under each user account we could add certain devices to only show up under that login? For example, I created - under that login, he added 10 different workstations that he would need to be able to remote into, and then had a login and added his own workstations or servers to show up under his account? I would assume that they would not be able to see each others machines?

Thanks and sorry for the crazy question! We're thinking about the Corporate license as well, just for the 3 concurrent connections.


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    Hi @jsdrexel ,

    Thank you for your post.

    Your understanding is correct, each account has their own private computers and contacts list. However, we recommend to use a master account instead.

    The master account should have all the devices, and through the group sharing feature you can choose which groups of devices to share to which user.

    Hope this will be helpful.

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