How can I make custom ticket forms in servicecamp


there is a possibility to make custom ticket forms.

But I do not know how to do this.

Perhaps someone can tell me where I can find this feature?

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  • Natascha
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    Hi @Stanglmeier 

    Thank you for your message.

    Can you please describe the case a little bit more detailed? 

    Do want to send customized automatic replies or do you want to create customized ticket fields?

    Looking forward to your answer and wish you a great day. 

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  • AS11
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    I have the same question. Teamviewer is advertizing that customized ticket submission forms can be created and published, e.g. here I do not see where I can create these customized ticket submission forms (and later publish them in the customer portal). I did see the option to add a customized field to the standard ticket form, but I would like to have the possibility to create different forms for different kind of customer requests. There must be such a possibilty, because this feature is advertized. E.g. here we have these advertizing description of the feature:  "Streamline simple and repetitive tasks like hardware requests and passwort resets by creating ticket forms. Then , publish them in your customer portal. ..."   Source: