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Is there a way to support someone that has latest version with my older version?

We have a license for Team Viewer version 11.  We are trying to support someone that has team viewer 12.  Is there a way to connect to their system even with the version mismatch?

To be honest, the fact that teamviewer is not backward compatible is a bit annoying.



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  • Gamr
    Gamr Posts: 2

    Thanks for your answer, this is clear now.  I will use the QuickSupport if I ever need to connect with them again.

    Best regards,


  • KarenT
    KarenT Posts: 1

    Hi Katharina,

    Is it possible to automaticaly quit teamviewer.exe(installed newer version on client machine) when I run QuickSupport.exe?

  • My company has a licesed copy of TeamViewer 12, and sends out QuickSupport for all its customers.

    I want to use TeamViewer to connect to a private laptop that is not part of the company.

    No matter what version of QuickSupport I download for the laptop, I always get the message "Your partner uses a newer version of TeamViewer. Would you like to update TeamViewer now to establish a connection?"

    What can I do?

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