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Connection cannot be established. Partner is not connected to internet


I get this message:

A Connection could not be established.

Either your partner isn't connected to the internet or your partner's TeamViewer isn't running yet. Please tell your partner to check his/her internet connection or to start TeamViewer.

I have identified the computer/server has internet connection, we just uninstall and re-install team viewer with another version, then i couldn't connect already. Any idea how to resolve this? At the same time, i could connect with other team viewer PC




  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 853

    Hi @MHT 

    Thank you for your post.

    As the error message mentioned that TeamViewer on your partner device is not ready, Can you kindly check the internet status and TeamViewer working status before connection please.

    As you are using an older version of TeamViewer, we would like to suggest you to Enjoy using the best version of TeamViewer we made so far! - How to proceed?.

    Hope you like it and the problem solves.



    Chinese Community Moderator [on leave]
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